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6 Self Improvement Podcasts to Inspire Your Best Self

Here is some free advice: If you’re feeling stuck, bored, stressed, or depleted, there are people out there who want to help (me included!). So in your search for inspiration, these 6 free self improvement podcasts can help you think deeply about the things you want to change in your life, and give you the tools and motivation you need to make those changes happen. I hope you find them helpful!

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Why Do Podcasts Work?

Do I listen to podcasts? Honestly, I’m more of a book nerd but podcasts are the new hype so after tuning in to a few, I realized the conversations people are having are inspiring! While I’ve listened to true crime (Morbid is great), my interests lay heavily in personal development and what they can accomplish.

Self improvement podcasts, specifically, help you:

  • Challenge other’s ideas
  • Think deeply about a subject
  • Open your mind to new perspectives
  • Share in other’s experiences
  • Become inspired, motivated, and knowledgable
  • Achieve your goals

You can also listen to them while you drive (be careful, though), cook, clean, exercise, travel, and well, you get the picture. Good self help podcasts work wonders and ultimately open up your mindset to something new, whether that’s information, a possible action, or a relatable experience.

6 Self Improvement Podcasts

  1. On Purpose with Jay Shetty
  2. The Tony Robbins Podcast
  3. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations
  4. Beyond the To-Do List with Erik Fisher
  5. Terrible, Thanks for Asking with Nora McInerny
  6. Tiny Leaps, Big Changes with Gregg Clunis

1. On Purpose

A sort of hero of mine, I’ve mentioned Jay Shetty in quite a few posts, such as:

Why? Because he’s open-minded, was a monk for 3 years, and understands the need to be mindful in our every day, not our every-so-often. He also has a rad Indian-British accent. One of my favorite episodes was only 30 minutes long but about self-love and relationship tips for the new year. This is one of the top self help podcasts right now and you’ll see why.

Listen here

2. The Tony Robbins Podcast

An American author, philanthropist, coach, and speaker, Tony talks about success on his self improvement podcast.

His top episodes involve stories from influential guests who have created opportunities to live their best lives and become better versions of themselves. If you want to get hyped and inspired, this is the place to go each week.

Listen here

3. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

The lovely Oprah. You know she is going to have some wise contributions that can help change your world. In her podcast, she explains one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is time. In my post, the freedom to choose your time, I heighten this notion by asking two simple questions to see if you’re in control of your life which is ultimately your time.

Back to the podcast, one of her most-listened-to episodes is with Michelle Obama on “Your Life in Focus.”

Listen here

4. Beyond the To-Do List

This self improvement podcast is for the stressed, overwhelmed, and perhaps unorganized. Erik Fisher’s main advice circles around how to be more productive at work and in your personal life because this ultimately leads to a more peaceful lifestyle where you can relax in your structured routine.

He also goes beyond the simplicities of productivity and into deeper meanings of living a healthy life. Take a listen for tips and tricks!

Listen here

5. Terrible, Thanks for Asking

Nora McInerny is a dork. And she wouldn’t mind me saying that because when you listen to her self-help podcast, you’ll find yourself laughing and crying at the same time. This makes sense because her book “It’s Okay to Laugh (Crying Is Cool Too)” does just that through the personal experiences of her trauma. She lost her husband to brain cancer just after having their first child.

Now she talks about the ins and outs of tragic events and how we can come together and share our painful stories. She even started a Hot Young Widows Club – a sneak peek into her type of humor and wit.

Listen here

6. Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

Gregg Clunis talks about motivation and visualization to get where you want to be. I resonate with his purpose because, well, one small step makes an impact is my motto! Speaking of motivational mottos, if you want a free booklet of them to help inspire you for any moment of the day, check this out: Motivational Motto Booklet. You’ll get something out of it, I promise.

Listen here

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Other Forms of Self Improvement

Of course, self improvement doesn’t have to come from podcasts only. There are many other ways you can work on improving yourself. Here are a few ideas:

  • Advice on mental health, productivity, healthy habits and more through the one only blog site you’re on! Head over here: Bettering Yourself
  • Read self improvement books. Some examples are here: Resources
  • Attend seminars or workshops. This is a fantastic way to connect with others who are like-minded and start networking.
  • Hire a life coach or therapist. Professional advice like finding your purpose can open doorways to a future you never knew you could have.
  • Join a self improvement group or program. Sometimes if you’re struggling with something, you need help from a community that will keep you in check once a week or even once a month.

This list holds 6 of the best self improvement podcasts right now. I recommend you take a listen for even 10 minutes to see what you can gather from these inspirational leaders and entrepreneurs similar to yourself. Let’s make positive changes happen!

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