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8 Virtual Volunteer Opportunities From Home

Time to put yourself out there and engage your energy in someone else’s world. And honestly, doesn’t it feel good? Or at least when it’s over you have a satisfying feeling that you helped improve someone else’s life. Virtual volunteer opportunities are easier than you think!

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

You’ll be happy to know there are a TON of virtual volunteer opportunities all over the world.

Locally, you can search up what’s available such as a nearby beach/river/sidewalk clean-up, virtual participation with the YMCA, or simply volunteering on your own time to help others and give back. Globally, there are organizations that have adjusted their volunteer programs to have remote involvement, as a result of COVID.

8 awesome volunteer opportunities you can do from home are detailed below!


girl at computer in office - virtual volunteer opportunities

Thank the times for virtual volunteering! On VolunteerMatch’s website, they offer thousands of virtual volunteer opportunities. From Social Media Ambassador to virtually hosting an exchange student, I bet you’ll find something you like!

This volunteer opportunity from home is easy and during these times it’s important to do what we can to stay connected. For that matter, it’s important to do what we can at any time.

Something else to mention is that VolunteerMatch works with nonprofits and will match your nonprofit with highly qualified volunteers. This is a great resource for nonprofit businesses and options for new and experienced volunteers.

Volunteer Match

The Ocean Clean Up


If you haven’t heard, this is the largest ocean clean-up in the world. Founded by Dutch inventor Boyan Slat at age 18, the new mode of ocean clean-up is through what they call interceptors. These machines help prevent plastic from entering the world’s oceans from rivers.

While the nonprofit is based in the Netherlands, they offer a global volunteer application where you can offer your services and explain your desire to help in a virtual way. This is pretty neat technology and a great path for virtual volunteer opportunities in the climate change topic.

The Ocean Clean Up

Read a Book to Someone

girl reading a book

Maybe it’s difficult to get yourself to read books alone, but with Bookshare, you can read to others who have reading disabilities. With opportunities inside and outside of the U.S., this nonprofit allows you to partner with a member to scan, read, and describe documents with which they need assistance.

To many (myself included), this is empowering volunteer work. One of our greatest gifts is to give to others, whether that’s knowledge, company, or simply a helping hand.


Adopt a Pet

four dogs

This is for you animal lovers out there (the ones going aww). While this isn’t technically a program or online opportunity, it’s an idea to broaden your horizons. What if you adopted a dog or a cat? Since we’re working from home, we have the time and space to care for a pet that wants to be rescued into a loving family.

If you like the “virtual” volunteer opportunity but don’t want to handle an animal, donating is always an option!

Adopt a Pet

Translators Without Borders

If your idea of virtual volunteering involves another language, then this is the spot for you! Translators Without Borders is an amazing opportunity to help others learn a new language which could be a great contribution to your healthy habits for the day.

To volunteer with the language portion, you’ll need to be fluent in at least one other language other than your native tongue. If this isn’t the case, this program also offers positions on projects they need support on, such as a project manager role or web designer. What better way to offer your expertise!

Translators Without Borders

Hire Heroes USA

navy hat

Veterans and their families are some of the most resilient people I’ve ever met. Even in Michelle Obama’s biography, she mentions how powerful the amount of love and support in military communities is. They gave to us so let’s give back to them!

Hire Heroes wants your experience to create mock interviews, offer counseling on personal or career-related issues, and show your humane qualities through this incredible virtual volunteer opportunity to do from home. You can call or video with this program, and of course, donate as well.

Hire Heroes

Empower Work

Seattle, WA

Work got ya feeling down? Or maybe work is fantastic and you want others to feel the joy you do. Either way, Empower Work is a virtual volunteer opportunity to empower people in their jobs. You can sign up to receive robust training (new professional skills right there) two hours a week for six months, all remote.

Some of the issues at work include confidence depletion, motivation, a toxic work environment, and discrimination. While I wish no one would go through these issues, I do know that empowering others with positivity and support is one of the wholesome ways to empower ourselves, making us and everyone around us better.

Empower Work


There is usually a volunteer center in or near your town; I guarantee you have options locally, even if it’s online. Finding virtual volunteer opportunities is simply a phone call to the center or hearing about something someone said.

One of my friends writes cards for the elderly homes around my town and to hear how their faces light up when they receive them is inspiring.

In my local community magazine, I find great volunteer ideas to do from home, big and small. I’ll put them in my calendar or on my “to-do good” list, and I’ve come across free online meditation classes, social-distanced community cleanups, and more!

I’ve covered a few organizations in various fields, but I want to make it known you could donate $1 to a local charity and that’s all you need to make a difference. These nonprofits use every penny to do good, and if they get your support they’re all about gratification. After all, it’s you who help make them who they are.

I was a volunteer coach for Girls on the Run in connection with my local YMCA, and I virtually volunteered with the communications team of Days for Girls International. It took me a moment to get in touch and get started but I’m so glad I did! I get to take part in others’ lives, educating and watching growth.

It’s your turn 🙂

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