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Beautiful Earth Day Images

Going for a stroll every day means more than exercise to me. I mindfully walk around noticing what our planet offers, what it creates, and where we can help it flourish. So while Earth Day is dedicated to April 22, we live, breathe, and blossom among our land and sea every day.

Let’s celebrate our home with incredible Earth Day images! Don’t forget to go outside today and hug a tree or take in a breath of nature.

Starting up in the trees, a Barred Owl enjoys the sun
Mt. Shuksan, WA
Marine Park, WA
Baby elephants at play
Arizona cactus
Manta Ray
The moon at night
Joshua Tree National Park, CA
Antelope Canyon, AZ
Bali, Indonesia
Our view of the moon
Volcanic eruption
Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

Admiring the beauty around us helps the calm within us. I hope you enjoyed these wonderful photos from around the world! Shout out to my dad, the amazing photographer behind many of these pictures.

Now go outside and have a great day! I’m going to go for my stroll.

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