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Beautiful Earth Day Images

Going for a stroll every day means more than exercise to me. I mindfully walk around noticing what our planet offers, what it creates, and where we can help it flourish. So while Earth Day is dedicated to April 22, we live, breathe, and blossom among our land and sea every day.

Before we get to the earth day pictures, I want to gift you with a free earth month checklist that provides 24 ways to be sustainable in your life (feel free to use these throughout the year).

Free Earth Month Checklist!

Beautiful Earth Day Images

Let’s celebrate our home with beautiful earth day images! Don’t forget to go outside today and hug a tree or take in a breath of nature.

barred owl in tree

Starting up in the trees, a Barred Owl enjoys the sun. I love this beautiful earth day image and even used it in my 15 tips for everyday green living post as a way to encourage us to get outside more.

white buildings on hillside in Greece

Can you guess where this pretty picture is from? Blue and white by the sea…it’s Greece! I have yet to go, so if you’ve been be sure to comment below and let us know your favorite spots in this incredible location!

mt shuksan

There are a plethora of mountains in the world, but this one is close to home for me. It’s called Mt. Shuksan in Washington state. I highly recommend this spot for snowboarding, cross country skiing, and the like.

Pexels Photo by Daniel Torobekov

Say hi to the shark and its little followers! This reminds me of when you start a sustainable business and you get your first few followers…how exciting! Speaking of which here’s something you can do to coast through the impactful waters of our lives with me đŸ˜‰ Just keep swimming.

giant tree by water

I took this picture with my phone actually (hopefully you couldn’t tell…) but this is a little spot I like to go to called Marine Park where this tree has been flourishing for many years and hopefully many more to come.


As one of the most beautiful earth day images, or should I say locations, these are the Godafoss waterfalls in Northern Iceland.


Who doesn’t want to admire the uniqueness of jellyfish…They’re so fascinating I had to add them to the list of beautiful earth day images.

elephants at play

Part of celebrating the earth is interaction and play, which is what these baby elephants are doing near the jungle.

desert campsite

If you’ve been to the desert, you have to have a desert camping checklist, because in places like Joshua Tree National Park, the right tools make the adventure enjoyable! You won’t want to miss the sunsets/sunrises, or sun-loving creatures.

stalactite cave

These are stalactites in Gibraltar, Spain. My family and I went to a cave of them where the lights change color to view different angles and create cool shapes along the pathway through the mountain. Highly recommend!

slot canyon
Pexels Photo by Paul IJsendoorn

A hidden gem in the state of Arizona, Antelope Canyon is a wonderous slot canyon. The smooth formations were created from fast floodwaters plowing through the sandstone.

cliffs in Bali

Uluwatu in Bali, Indonesia is a fantastic place to see professional surfers, lots of greenery, jump off cliffs, watch sunset performances, and so much more.

the moon at night

My dad took this incredible picture of the moon with his fancy camera, and I can’t help but feel small seeing another planet from our own. It makes you appreciate what we have in this short amount of time here on earth.

perito moreno glacier in Argentina

The Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina is one of the few non-receding glaciers in the world. As a result of climate change, most glaciers are melting, making it difficult for animals in these habitats.

Admiring the beauty around us helps the calm within us. I hope you enjoyed these wonderful photos from around the world! Shout out to my dad, the amazing photographer behind many of these beautiful earth day images.

Now go outside and have a great day! I’m going to go hug a tree.

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