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Effective Self-Love Techniques for a Better You

What are you worth? (I can already tell you it’s a lot more than you think). Learning to weave self-love techniques and motivational habits into your day is monumental for your health. So this Valentine’s Day, I’m excited to share effective ways to practice self-care!

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It doesn’t matter if you are in a relationship or single with six cats (I’m a cat lover, no judgment), self-love is the best way to better yourself. There are many self-love techniques and the ones I’ve researched are the most effective, but remember, not everything others do will work for you. I’m hoping these habits can be something you try, develop, or adjust according to your needs.

So let’s look at some of the top ways to treat yourself for a Valentine’s Day everyday!

Developing Self-Love Techniques

These are 5 of the most effective self-love habits. The first 3 are mental exercises and the last 2 are action-based. I believe the strength to better oneself incorporates both.

Forgive Yourself

Forgiveness is a form of acceptance. It actually conserves energy! Let’s say you’re feeling vengeful and angry because your coworker ate your sandwich in the fridge (this happens folks, it’s really upsetting). You will use more of that negative energy that stresses the body out by taking revenge. If you rise above the feeling of the moment, you’ll find forgiveness. For you, and your coworker.

Try taking a moment to physically say “I forgive myself for (fill in the blank).” It could be anything from the past, present, or thoughts about the future. A strong mind involves acceptance of things that happen and learning to let them go.


Take a breath, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Sit in it for a moment. Doesn’t that feel good??

Meditation helps calm our busy thoughts and practice our breath so when stressful moments arise, we are more prepared from our mindful meditation techniques. Small bits of meditation each day can equal major benefits down the road, including better sleep, more restful moments, less physical pain (the work of the mind is powerful), and even medical benefits.

The incredible effects that meditation brings produce self-love habits that last. Slow and steady wins the race! Take advantage of my FREE mindfulness meditation planner to get started! Your mental health matters.



Thank you for this laptop to give me the power of technology to reach all of you. I’m not kidding, I said this before I started prepping this post…Why? Because giving thanks for what we have creates positivity in the brain allowing a sense of fulfillment and love.

Gratitude is giving appreciation toward something that is valuable to you, making it one of the most powerful self-love techniques. Showing thanks is linked to better mental health, self-awareness, and even stronger relationships. Practice the gift of giving with volunteer opportunities, as well!

It’s easier to blame those around us for a culture of negativity, but purifying our own thoughts will protect us from the influence of others.

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Social Media Break

Yes, I said it. Breaks are good for you! It helps refresh and recharge. With temporary distance from social media, we get to reconnect with ourselves without the chatter of others in our heads. I’m not going to say social media is bad, but I know that researchers at the University of Pittsburgh say the more we use social media, the more isolated we feel which isn’t beneficial to our health. These days, more isolation is the last thing we need.

Developing self-love techniques start with routines. So, create a habit of shutting down your phone and computer for at least half a day each week – Sunday is a great family day to do this. Humans are designed to make personal connections (face-to-face) and revel in enjoyment. Test it out for yourself!

Eating Right

How can you give yourself love by putting poor-energy foods into your body? You’ll only feel worse! While a treat here and there is good for your tastebuds, there are all-natural, fresh foods that emotionally, mentally, and physically make you feel better which in turn, provide you the most effective tools to live your best life. Eating right is a continuous cycle in respecting your body, and it can be easier than you think!

I want to offer a professional’s advice: bodies are based on metabolic types. For example, I have a mesomorph metabolism which means my body requires mostly carbohydrates, medium protein, and low fat. To illuminate more, Dr. Philip Goglia has a meal plan program called G Plans that I’ve used and works wonders. He is the top nutritionist in the world, working with professional athletes and celebrities.

Take the G Plans quiz (you don’t have to commit to the plan) to figure out your metabolic type and what foods should go into your body! Self-love techniques require education on yourself, right?

You can never give yourself too much love. Your five effective habits for self-love are only a few out of many, but they will make a difference if you incorporate them into your life. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to come around once a year. Know your worth 🙂

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