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Ethical Makeup Brands For Everyone

Just like my organic hair products post, this is as much for you wonderful people as it is for me. And to those who don’t wear makeup, if your makeup-wearing partner tells you to grab the “Nudi Goods shimmer stick by the bathroom sink”, you’re ready for those brownie points. Here are ethical makeup brands to love!

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Image by Andi Graf from Pixabay

Organic makeup brands are slowly gaining traction in stores like Sephora, Ulta Beauty, and even online at Amazon. Zero-waste is still a long way away from becoming the norm but on the positive side, it’s starting! Companies are making an impact one step at a time. Let’s see a little more background information on sustainable makeup brands before the awesome list of them.

How Are These Brands Sustainable?

  • Organic ingredients
  • Plastic-free packaging (glass, metal, bamboo, recycled plastic, paperboard tubes, FSC paper)
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • All pursuing positive change

Ethical Makeup Brands

From bamboo brushes to vegetable eyeshadow, these are 9 beauty brands making a difference in our environment. Here we go!

RMS Beauty

RMS beauty makeup brand
Image by monicore from Pixabay

Rose-Marie Swift (RMS) is a wonderful (never met her but seems great), experienced woman who brought the word “clean” into the beauty industry. She wanted others to use sustainable, non-toxic makeup as part of their healthy lifestyle.

One of the ways she is sustainable is through her minimal packaging, using recycled glass and metal. I recommend RMS cream-based products with coconut oil!

Shop RMS Beauty

Juice Beauty

juice beauty makeup

I walked into Ulta Beauty a while back and asked for organic, eco-friendly makeup. Without hesitation, the woman brought me to this glorious isle of sustainable makeup.

Juice Beauty is plant-based and uses Original Green antioxidant-rich formulas for all skin types. I have the PHYTO-PIGMENTS perfecting concealer and my skin reacts beautifully to the all-natural ingredients. It also contains recyclable glass and FSC paper.

Shop Juice Beauty



Pucker up! An organic makeup brand for lipstick lovers is here. Axiology is an award-winning brand that specializes in zero-waste “crayons” that make your lips feel soft and buttery (not pictured above).

They’re portable, sustainable, and easy, too! I recommend starting with a Balmie (the Sorbet is a neutral tone with a small pop of pink, good for any skin tone) since they work for your eyes, lips, and cheeks.

Shop Axiology Beauty

Athr (Aether) Beauty

woman's face behind leaves

*megaphone speaker* “They’ve reduced their carbon footprint by 25% by using sustainable packaging AND donating 1% for the planet… Here to wow in our ethical makeup brands is Athr Beauty!” *crowd cheers*

You’re lucky I don’t actually have a megaphone, but even without the epic introduction they’re incredible and you should check them out. They have crystal-infused best sellers plus the desert moon illuminating body oil is natural and worth every drop.

Shop Athr Beauty

Nudi Goods

ethical makeup brand

This organic brand is smaller than most but carries quality. Nudi Goods has skincare, lip balm, makeup, and home goods. Their all-natural lip balms are under $10 and 100% biodegradable. Their variety of creamy eyeshadows are earth-toned and bold, as well.

Shop Nudi Goods

Eco Tools

eco tools brushes

An eco-friendly brush company, Eco Tools has a new product called the Bioblender which is the FIRST biodegradable sponge in the beauty business! Biodegradable basically means it won’t sit in a landfill for years at a time.

This ethical makeup brand also offers face brushes, loofahs, shower brushes, and more!

Shop Eco Tools

100% Pure

herbs in pot

Self-explanatory, 100% Pure states its ingredient list. Not only is this ethical makeup brand natural and sustainable, but it uses fruit, vegetables, tea, and cocoa as the makeup pigment! Clean beauty matters, especially to this growing company.

Shop 100% Pure (paid link)

Bare Minerals

bare minerals makeup brush

Bare Minerals has a collection of 100% cruelty-free, vegan skincare and is committed to working with partners that source ingredients ethically.

By 2021 their goal is to have all products 100% vegan. So while you don’t have to buy waste-free products already on the 1st place podium, you can support the ones that are trying the get there.

Shop Bare Minerals


vapour beauty

If you enjoy the luxury life or involve yourself in high fashion trends, try this one. With many picture samples on their website, you’ll notice the natural look is stunning on everyone. Vapour is plant-derived, clean, and intentionally sustainable. You also get rewarded by recycling your empty bottles with them!

Shop Vapour Beauty


While ethical makeup brands are perfect for the direction we need to move in, sometimes they can feel a bit pricey. This could be from the natural processes of ingredients and recycling, but cheap entails easy plastic with quick ingredients. Making a difference could mean switching one product out little by little so over time you’ll have invested in the better brand for yourself and the environment.

I want to remind others (and myself) to slow down. Make time for what’s in front of you, the ingredients you use for a product or meal, time for yourself, and realize quality isn’t the price, it’s the choices you make. And this way, you can feel pretty doing it.

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