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How to Get a Great Start in Business Planning: The Construction and Contracting Industry

Written by Larry Waters

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Professionals who can complete construction jobs and renovation contracts are always in demand. It is an industry that requires a specific skill set and knowledge, all the more so if you wish to run your own business in the field. If you have the necessary experience and acumen, though, you can turn a great profit as a contractor. Once you know the right steps to take in launching a successful business venture, you can get off to a great start in a very lucrative industry.

Outline Your Business Plan

Behind every successful enterprise is a solid business plan that forms its foundation. Your business plan should describe operational strategies as well as the overall goal of your business. For example, you might strive to build a green construction company with the intent of bettering the environment.

A business plan should also account for the business structure you will choose when registering with the state. You might choose to form an S corp to receive benefits such as self-employment tax savings and certain tax deductions. Keep in mind that filing for your business entity may come with hefty lawyer fees, but you can avoid these by filing yourself or using a formation service.

Build an Online Presence

Every modern business needs a website that can serve as an informative point of contact for potential clients who require its services. Creating a social media page is another way to boost your online presence and engage with customers and fellow entrepreneurs alike.

In order to set yourself apart from the competition, you can give your website and social pages added appeal with an eye-catching banner. You can conveniently design banners online with this free template and customize it with your choice of colors, fonts, or even animation. The right banner will lend a strong sense of identity to your brand, ensuring that customers will remember your months or years down the road.

Recruit and Manage Your Staff

Construction and contracting is rarely ever a one-man job, so the time to start hiring employees will come sooner than you might think. Your business’s reputation and quality of work are dependent on the quality of your staff. Business experts explain that offering attractive benefits is an important recruitment method, especially in the construction industry, where physical injuries may be more frequent than in other fields. 

After onboarding additional staff members, you need the right tools and software for proper management. Search for tools that help you process accounting tasks and payroll, as well as project management software that can help your team stay on track when dealing with multiple clients.

Utilize Good Marketing Practices

Even a well-established business will struggle to make ends meet if they don’t spread the word about their services. You can use digital methods, such as social media marketing, to reach potential clients in a way that appeals to their interests. Physical marketing such as business cards and flyers are also particularly effective when you are looking to serve customers in your local community.

Remember that networking can also be a powerful force for drumming up business. Leaving a strong and positive impression on your customers and possible business partners can lead to recommendations or collaborations that bring new clients your way.

Many successful business owners follow a similar path when launching a new venture. As an entrepreneur in the contracting industry, though, you will likely face unique challenges. By adopting a willingness to continue learning and by working with the right professionals, you can build a lasting enterprise.

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