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How To Save Money on Black Friday

Shop less, pay more – I mean shop more pay less…which one is it on the busiest shopping day of the year? Some of the best ways on how to save money on black Friday are to make a: list, plan, budget, and mindset. Let’s help you save that money!

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Black Friday History

Why is it called black Friday in the first place? Many have wondered about black Friday history and there isn’t one specific answer (of course).

I always thought it was because the shops were so full of people and the streets busy that there was a type of “blackout” until you wake up the next morning with two dozen presents surrounding you (and you know, a couple for other people) wondering what happened.

Well, here are a few theories:

  • Everyone rushed the streets to see the annual army-navy football game in the 1960s.
  • It’s the name of the 1869 financial crisis when the U.S. gold market collapsed.
  • British women were fighting for their voting rights on this day and police responded with violence.

While the past caters to a variety of possibilities, we like to proceed with positivity on this day. And what better way to brighten your day than budgeting your money!

“Saving” Money on Black Friday

What I mean by “saving” is spending less than you might. We’re all guilty of impulse purchases so these tips are to help you avoid that and ultimately feel good about what you end up buying. Here is how to save money on black Friday!

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Make a List

Forbes mentions a “study at Dominican University of California found once you put pen to paper on a goal — you are 33 percent more likely to actually achieve it.” So write a list and check it twice! By writing your family and friends’ gifts down, you are solidifying your plan to complete those gifts and send them out.

Try making a gift registry to make things easier.

Make a Plan

There is a lot of pressure to hurry up and buy because stores use the clever tactic of time. If you don’t buy now, you’ll never be able to save money on the temporary deal. WRONG! They want your money, plain and simple.

Out and About: If you go into black friday with a plan of where you want to go around certain times, you can walk into the store, find your items from your list, and even give yourself 10-30 minutes of extra time just in case you need more time to search or you find something better.

Online: Stick to your list and plan out the top online stores where you will find those items. Make a time limit behind the screen – if there are deals you’re interested in at certain parts of the day, set those times aside to go online but avoid staying on all day.

Make a Budget

We tend to overspend because we see “The Best Deals of the Year!” and “Sale Sale Sale”. But is it actually a great deal? Aren’t items always on sale?

By making a budget (and sticking to it) you avoid overspending, stress, and you ultimately feel good about staying in your boundaries.

Remember these deals aren’t the best ones you’ll find all year long.

Make a Mindset

When someone grabs the last pair of shoes your niece would’ve loved, don’t sweat, fret, or get stressed. Remember, it’s just a pair of shoes, there are plenty of others and it just wasn’t meant to be. If anything, wish them well because they got a great gift for someone!

You will be getting a LOT of notifications about Black Friday Sales/Deals. But remember, this is a temptation. If you don’t deal with temptation well, check this post on meditation and silence those thoughts!

Don’t forget about patience when standing in line!

These tips will remind you how to save money on black Friday each year until the habit cements. I hope these helped for any time you catch the shopping bug!

how to save money on black friday
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