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Best Songs to Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Which music is best for anxiety? Stress? Tension? While neuroscientists have answers, you have to feel the songs to believe in them. This list is comprised of the best songs to reduce anxiety and stress – and I even added some personal favorites.

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I love music, too, so sometimes when I’m feeling a little depressed I’ll pump up the happiest tunes I can find! It usually helps because I’m a dancer and the beat moves and grooves me, but while it’s good to work your happy hormones, happy mood music doesn’t work for everyone. It’s important to acknowledge the feelings you’re going through and if necessary seek help or reach out to your support system.

Address your anxiety, but don’t sit in it too long! These songs will help you transition out of long-term stress.

Songs to Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Neuroscientists in the UK like stress just as much as anyone (no one does), so they conducted a sound study where participants solved stressful puzzles while listening to music. As you can guess, these top 10 songs to reduce anxiety and stress did the trick. Click directly on the play button to listen if you think it’s a good fit for you!

I’m saving the best song for last – the one designed for stress reduction – because the other tunes can get overlooked. Here are the best songs for relaxation.

Watermark by Enya

A relaxing song to reduce anxiety and stress, Enya has a reputation for calm ensembles. One man in the comment section said he played this song as his wife walked down the aisle. There is meaning even in songs without words.

Someone Like You by Adele

Whenever I hear this song, I stop what I’m doing to listen. I almost can’t continue my task because I’m soothed by her voice in harmony with the piano. If you’re not an Adele fan, try getting the tune with only the music and no voice because the musicality is worth it.

Electra by Airstream

An AMAZING song to reduce anxiety and stress, this is perfect to keep on in the background of any activity. It has a slow beat with unique breaks for guitar and soothing drums. I also love that it’s an hour long!

We Can Fly by Rue Du Soleil

A somewhat groovy yet spiritual vibe, this is a stress-reduction song that takes you almost international. You’ll see what I mean when you take a listen.

Strawberry Swing by Coldplay

Strawberry Swing is one of those songs to calm you down because it has a slow build to feel infinite. It’s as though you should have the wind in your face taking a deep breath as this song plays.

Pure Shores by All Saints

Pure Shores is based on ocean sounds, go figure! The old-time style mixed with a soft upbeat background is something you’ll find yourself swaying and bobbing to. It’s one of my favorite songs for stress reduction.

Mellomaniac by DJ Shah

Similar to Electra, this chillout song has a peaceful, feel-good mix of instruments. It’ll take you to another world no matter where you are, so I recommend this for when you want to escape. There are also no lyrics in this one.

Canzonetta Sull’aria by Mozart

Leave it to the musical genius to be included in this list…This relaxing song is only three and a half minutes long and the opera performer sings piano (meaning soft) so it’s not overbearing in any way. Thanks, Mozart!

Please Don’t Go by Barcelona

When I personally hear lyrics about relationships I feel their emotion so while this didn’t hit home for me, it could for you! Either way, this song is included in the list of 10 songs to relax you so feel free to give it a go.

Weightless by Marconi Union

This is it. THE designated song to reduce anxiety and stress created a calmer mind, better sleep, and ease of emotion. Little alien-like ships are in this video and while it seems odd at first, it’s actually soothing to watch how they move together to create more light while the music rises and falls.

A Few More Options

While the previous 10 were designed and tested for relaxation, I’m adding a few extras that reduce stress for me as well as others I’ve shown.

  1. Happiness Vibes
  2. Sleep Music
  3. Work Song by Hozier
  4. Someday Soon by Wilder Woods

Other Popular Forms To Reduce Anxiety

A counselor of mine years ago once said in order to rid of anxiety focus on your physical being (the connection of your feet with the ground, the weight of your body) because anxiety is in your head. A few ways to do this along with other stress and anxiety-reducing techniques are:


Calm balm stress relief – best-selling travel-sized healing balm

Daily reminders Tumblr – one of the best ways to remind yourself that everything is OK is through your daily drink

Mental health journal – one of the BEST ways to get out of your head is to physically write it down

Easier said than done but I wanted to share these great tools in case someone also finds them useful (you will only find things of use if you believe in the product). In addition to these techniques, these songs are proven to reduce anxiety and stress so give them a try. Maybe it will lead you into making your own playlist!

Do NOT listen to these songs while driving or in any similar case because they can cause you to feel sleepy. If you’re looking for more ways to improve your mood, try mindfulness meditation or healthy habits for today. Hope this helps!

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