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Sustainable Clothing Brands: Give Back to the Earth

Every time I see sustainable clothing brands that give back, I feel the urge to buy as much as I can. Maybe it’s our giving nature, but what better way to cater than following brands that create positive change?

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Greater Good Science Center talks about the science behind generosity and giving. Summer Allen, the author of the piece, says that giving your support is associated with better overall health, and “volunteering is associated with delayed mortality.” You’re welcome to read it, but in summary, giving back makes us feel fulfilled which is a contribution to life satisfaction and gosh darn happiness!

If you enjoy what these ethical brands have to offer (and could see yourself or a friend wearing their products) then click on the preceding links!

Here are 7 sustainable clothing brands that give back.

United by Blue

united by blue cup

For every product purchased, United by Blue removes 1 pound of trash from waterways and oceans. So far (as of today’s date), they have removed 3,529,303 POUNDS of trash.

If you want to generate less waste in your life, United by Blue products uses sustainably-sourced and reusable materials such as kits and cute coffee mugs.

I happened upon this nonprofit last Christmas when I was looking for a gift for my cousin. When I saw their mission I almost bought 5 more things…I’m sure my cousin wouldn’t have minded. But I can see why this is one of the best sustainable clothing brands.

United by Blue



Stylish apparel inspired by nature, Tentree plants (can you guess?) 10 trees for every purchase! Their goal is to plant 1 billion by 2030. Pretty ambitious but not impossible for an ethical brand if you want to help the earth we’re living in.

Once you make your purchase, Tentree will send you a token and tracking number to see where and how your planted trees are doing. My boyfriend has ten trees growing strong in Nepal at the moment. Maybe we’ll get to visit them someday!


Qeep Up

turtle in ocean

Maggie Q is an environmentalist, activist, and actress who founded Qeep Up. And wow! What a beautiful display of sustainable clothing made from the ocean to help awareness. This ethical brand has designs I’ve never seen before with rich, earthy vibes and a style for every occasion.

Also, if you haven’t watched Designated Survivor on Netflix, she plays a dedicated FBI agent – if that doesn’t show determination and enthusiasm for something important then I don’t know what does!

Qeep Up

Ivory Ella

save the elephants

It’s been said that elephants are among the smartest animals. Maybe it’s time we use our brains to help stop the ivory trade. 

Elephant populations are at risk. So Ivory Ella is one of the ethical clothing brands that give back by creating sustainable products and giving 10% of the profits to organizations like Save the Elephants. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Ivory Ella


wool in basket

Allbirds is a sustainable clothing brand that makes shoes to help reduce our carbon footprint – ironically beautiful. I’m in awe at the materials these shoes are made of:

  • wool (soft)
  • tree (sturdy)
  • sugar (Sweetfoam sole)
  • trino (a super yarn they designed for moisture-wicking with a mix of wool and tree)

Take a step into their shoes for a lower impact 😉


Boody Eco Wear

bamboo forest

Bamboo underwear, what else would you cover your booty with? This Australian company makes undergarments for men and women out of organic bamboo and they are super comfortable and affordable. Plus, I feel better knowing I’ve contributed to one of the best ethical brands in undergarments because the company, I, and the environment all benefit!

Boody Eco Wear

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective bra - sustainable clothing brands

Activewear made from water bottles and fishing nets! Soft and recyclable material, Girlfriend Collective has some of the best quality there is. I was gifted one of their sports bras for Christmas and it’s my most comfortable one. That single sports bra is made out of 12 water bottles diverted from landfills, prevented 8.83 lbs. of CO2, and saved 1.48 gallons of water. This alone is MAJOR.

When you purchase from their site, they send you all the amazing details about your item and how eco-friendly it is, reminding you of your positive influence in the sustainable clothing brands world.

Girlfriend Collective

You don’t have to be a hardcore environmentalist to make an impact, but you can contribute in small ways by representing environmentally-friendly companies. Buy a cozy, sustainable sweatshirt or a soft and durable pair of shoes built by nature. You make the difference – these ethical brands are easy assistance along the way!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to strut my stuff in my sustainable outfit.

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