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The Z.O. Series: Your Zero Waste Bathroom

Adults spend approximately 1 year and 51 days of their lives in the bathroom, according to an English survey. What are people doing while they’re in there? Well, this article states 10% are giving themselves a pep talk (sounds about right), 10% have arguments, 8% are having heart-to-hearts with their loved ones, and a whopping 1.4% are giving birth…

Needless to say, the bathroom is a sacred place. Which means it is to be treated with care – and what better way to say, bring a child into the world, than in a bamboo-scented, all natural product-based, zero waste bathroom?

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels

If you’ve been following my Z.O. Series, this is our second room in the house we’re covering. If not, no worries! Here is an awesome piece on getting to know zero waste, and the first room which is the heart of the home, the zero waste kitchen.

Zero Waste Bathroom

My boyfriend and I are moving into our first apartment (yay!) next week so I’m very excited to be exploring eco-friendly home products and brands. Sharing with all of you is the cherry on top!


Let’s get right into it! Here are 10 zero waste bathroom products.

P.S. I try to support the brand first, but I understand if pricing on sites like Amazon is cheaper so both are usually options listed. Try for the first if possible!

1. Bamboo Toothbrush

Starting with that fresh, clean smile of yours, a toothbrush made of either bamboo, 100% recycled material, or beechwood can make a difference on the planet.

The top listed bamboo toothbrush is from The Humble Co. which is vegan, plastic-free, and developed by dentists. They also have kid-friendly brushes and they’re only $5! It’s an easy, quick step to making a global impact 🙂

Shop The Humble Co.

2. Toothpaste Tablets

The next step is what’s known as toothpaste tablets, where you take a tablet (looks like a small hard candy), chew it up but don’t swallow, brush your teeth with your toothbrush and then spit! It takes a moment to get used to, but it’s pretty unique!

Shop hello

Shop The Humble Co.

Shop Amazon (paid link)

3. Razors

Think of how often (girls, especially) you shave. The armpits, legs, bikini, mustache, feet, you name it, shaving is consistent. With everyday habits, you need an investment not a cheap option.

Try investing in a reusable razor. I bought one a while back that you aren’t allowed to use with water and I can’t tell you how much water I’ve saved over the past year alone! There are some great zero waste impact razors such as the Bambaw one, or men’s Jungle Culture on Amazon.

Shop Bambaw

Shop Amazon (paid link)

4. Shaving Cream

If you don’t buy a dry-only razor, you’ll need some shaving cream! These products can be used for men and women. I’ve mentioned the brand 100% Pure in another post, and they come up again for good reason. If you’re interested in natural, cruelty-free, vegan, and gluten-free, their grapefruit seaweed shaving cream is for you.

If you’re more interested in complete zero waste cream, then try EcoRoots shaving cream bar.

Shop 100% Pure (paid link)

Shop EcoRoots

5. Shampoo and Conditioners Bars

Honestly, I have a whole post on it with SUCH great organic hair brands, so indulge here!

6. Hand Soap

Depending on your style, you could have foaming soap, liquid, or a bar. Any way you prefer, the main idea for hand soap in your zero waste bathroom is plastic-free and reusable. I’ve found that Blueland has some of the most reliable cleaning products such as their foaming hand soap tablets.

Shop Blueland

7. Makeup

Again, let me give you an awesome post on the best eco-friendly makeup brands for everyone.

8. Toilet Paper

One of the best puns I’ve ever heard is the company Who Gives a Crap, who makes eco-friendly toilet paper! You can choose TP made of bamboo, 100% recycled material, or forest-friendly paper.

You could even shop common brands like Seventh Generation where they have climate pledges and are septic-safe.

Shop Who Gives a Crap

Shop Seventh Generation on Amazon (paid link)

9. Cleaning Sprays

Some of the top cleaning products for the zero waste bathroom come from Blueland. You buy the plastic-free cleaning bottle once and refill!

Another popular product is Mrs. Myer’s Clean Day. She has all the good cleaning supplies and I recommend the lemon verbena scented items. All you have to do is ask Mrs. Myers if you can use her products…if that went over your head that’s okay it was a dad joke.

Shop Mrs. Myer’s on Amazon (paid link)

10. Loofah

Awhile ago, I would have grabbed a 3-pack of loofahs from the dollar tree or a random department store. But then I thought about the material and the fact that I needed more than one so often. That can’t be great for the environment, right?

Right. So EcoRoots has a plant-fiber natural loofah for under $4, Etee has a natural loofah for $4, and Etsy has a TON of eco-friendly loofahs. The three E’s, check them out!

Shop EcoRoots

Shop Etee

Shop Etsy

Everything we buy is a decision made with or against the health of us and the planet, whether we realize it or not. We are consumers. We go through hundreds of millions of products in our lifetime and we buy these products to make ourselves feel good. But start buying the products that make life on this planet feel good, from the animals to the ocean to the atmosphere. Make the conscious decision to do good for others, too.

How’s that for a bathroom pep talk?

Photo by Monstera from Pexels

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  1. Love the plant email!!!!! I just wish I had more natural light here!!!!

    1. Thank you! If you don’t have enough natural light you can always invest in indoor grow lights! You can also try ferns, they don’t require much light 🙂

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